Our rental aircraft are all rented at a dry rental rate which means that the renter is responsible for returning the aircraft to the hangar full of fuel. We also require each of our renters to clean the windscreen and the leading edges of the wings when they return after each flight so the next renter also has a nice, clean aircraft to fly.

Rental rates are listed below.  UPS employees will receive a courtesy discounted rate and renters wishing to purchase a non-refundable block of flight time of 10-hours or more will also receive a discounted rate.

Check out our latest additions, a Cessna 182RG and a RedBird LD Simulator!

2001 Cessna 172S – $92/hr


2004 Cessna 172SP – $92/hr


2003 Cirrus SR22 – $170/hr


2004 Cessna 172 G1000 – $100/hr


1979 Bellanca Citabria – $70/hr


1979 Cessna 182RG – $145/hr


RedBird LD Simulator – $68/hr

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