We are the oldest operating flight school on Bowman Field and we take pride in our students, their success rates, and our aircraft.  Louisville Aviation is owned and operated by an airline pilot. We have the best experience available to anyone choosing flying for a hobby or a career. We have access to an entire group of airline and military pilots. These pilots, their backgrounds, and experiences serve as invaluable resources stemming from corporate and regional aviation to fighter pilots and United States Air Force and Naval Academy graduates. We store our aircraft indoors and we plug their engine heaters in the winter months to have them warm for our renters and to prolong engine life. We feel we are the most affordable flight school offering the best product in the Louisville area.  We have an arrangement with a regional airline and we sent five of our instructors there for interviews last year and four were hired.  No one else has a direct link to the regional airlines like we do.  The fact that we have excelled for 12 years and have the newest fleet in the area speaks volumes for our reputation and desire to see the student succeed.  We are truly about having fun in flying and fun at Bowman Field!

Louisville Aviation

2700 Gast Blvd. Louisville, KY 40205

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