Our instructors are some of the best in class! We have instructors that can help with students of all types work to earn their certifications as well as a number of ratings and endorsements, including instrument, high performance, complex, tail-wheel, and multi-engine.

Mike Pratt

Mike PrattMike Pratt moved to Louisville in 1998 as a new-hire pilot with a Louisville based international airline. While flying as a DC-8 flight engineer, Mike attended graduate school at the University of Nebraska and obtained his Master’s Degree. As a graduation requirement, Mike had to write a business plan for a start-up company of his choice. Since Mike had rented general aviation aircraft all through high school and all through college at Michigan State University, he knew the flight school and aircraft rental industry firsthand. Using the knowledge of his flight training and his graduate classes, Mike wrote a business plan for a flight training and aircraft rental operation. The professor thought the business model was strong and recommended that Mike follow up on this plan and start this flight school upon receiving his Master’s Degree. Nineteen years later the flight school is flourishing and owns several dealer licenses and aircraft. Mike is now an MD-11 captain with over 12,000 flight hours and still flies small airplanes in his free time when not flying around the globe. Mike is a firm believer that the student pilot and his/her instructor should have a lifelong bond and friendship as aviators. Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments on flight training or Louisville Aviation, please don’t hesitate to email Mike at mpratt@louisvilleaviation.com.

Brad Biggers

Brad BiggersBrad Biggers is a Louisville native who began his flying career at Bowman Field in 1995 and has been hooked on flying ever since. After flight instructing full time at Louisville Aviation for a couple of years, he flew Beech 1900’s and Dash 8’s for a regional airline out of Cleveland, OH, and Newark, NJ. Brad is currently an Airbus A300 first officer with a major airline based out of Louisville, Kentucky and is a designated pilot examiner (DPE) for the FAA.

Schuyler Turrill

Schuyler TurrillSchuyler (pronounced Skyler) has had a passion for aviation since he was young, taking airplane rides at every opportunity. While finishing his undergraduate degree in Denver, he began working towards his private certificate. After earning his certificate and moving to Louisville in 2018, Schuyler decided to fly full time. Now a commercial pilot and flight instructor, Schuyler loves to share his passion for aviation and is focused on training safety-minded pilots.

Carter Campbell

Carter CampbellGrowing up in a family of Pilots, Carter had a deep interest in aviation from a young age. Carter began his flight training in 2016 at Louisville Aviation and instantly fell in love with flying. Throughout flight training, Carter became passionate about sharing his love for aviation with others. Now, as a CFI, Carter seeks to instill the same passion he has for aviation into his students – teaching his students to be safe pilots, while enjoying all the thrills that aviation has to offer. When not instructing, Carter is a student at the University of Kentucky where he is seeking a degree in Business Management..

Carson Fusting

Carson FustingA Louisville native and Trinity graduate, Carson is the first in his family to become a pilot. Beginning with a discovery flight at Louisville Aviation in 2015, Carson fell in love with aviation immediately and has never looked back since. In 2016 he began working at Bowman for Louisville Executive Aviation and decided he wanted to make flying his full-time career. Currently a Sophomore at the University of Louisville, Carson can often be found hanging around hangars meeting new people, and having fun enjoying the everyday life of general aviation. Carson’s goals are to enjoy every day instructing students to the best of his ability while making deep lifelong friendships and passing on his love and passion for general aviation flying!

Cody Goodan

Cody GoodanCody began flight training in his senior year of high school and passed his private pilot check-ride in 2013. After graduating from the University of Louisville in 2018 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Cody decided that the next step in his life was to continue his flight training. Now a CFI/CFII, Cody spends his free time teaching students how to be safe, educated pilots, but also makes sure to expose them to the freedoms of aviation and the excitement that flying still gives him every time he climbs in the cockpit.

Jenish Gajjar

Jenish GajjarJenish moved to Nashville, TN in 2001 from his home country of India. Jenish grew up in the hospitality industry, and he went into the family business upon his high school graduation. He always had a passion for flying, so when the opportunity arose in 2018 to do a discovery flight, Jenish took the chance and his life has changed since. Jenish is a commercially rated instrument pilot and certified flight instructor for both single and multi-engine. His goal is to enjoy flying and instructing students to help them become a better pilot.

Sean Buckley

Sean BuckleySean is a Louisville native who caught the aviation bug at a young age; taking his first lesson at 14 years old which pushed him to attend Eastern Kentucky University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Flight with a Minor in Aerospace Management. Sean has always loved sharing his passion for aviation with others and strives to help produce safe pilots who may also enjoy the many rewarding benefits that the world of aviation has to offer.

Katie Pratt

Katie PrattKatie found her passion for flight at an early age. Her dad became a private pilot with a dream of owning and flying vintage taildraggers and the rest is history! Her family began homebuilding and restoring aircraft and she was about 5 years old, and this hobby quickly involved the entire family. This began her family involvement with the Experimental Aircraft Association, which later helped her achieve her dreams in aviation. While attending EAA Air Academy in the summer of 2014, she decided she would attend the University of North Dakota and pursue a Bachelor of Science in Commercial Aviation. Upon completing her degree in August 2020, Katie moved back closer to her southern Indiana home to join the team at UPS as a Flight Path Intern. With Commercial, Multi-engine, CFI, CFII, and Seaplane ratings under her belt, as well as aerobatics and a tailwheel endorsement, Katie is excited to share her excitement and passion for flying with future pilots, as well as helping them to achieve their dreams!

Gabriel Berrier

Gabriel BerrierGabriel is a Louisville native and first-generation pilot who began flying in 2017 here at Louisville Aviation. Since his first flight, he fell in love with everything aviation-related and has continued to receive certificates and grow as a pilot. After graduating from the University of Louisville with a degree in Finance, Gabriel knew his true calling was to be a pilot and continued his flight training. Now a CFI and AGI, Gabriel looks forward to sharing and expanding his passion for aviation through teaching the next generation of pilots.

Henry Buckey

Henry BuckeyHenry is a Louisville native who grew up around aviation thanks to his father being a 757/767 pilot at UPS. Not only is his father a pilot but also his brother. His brother, Zane, did all of his flight training through Louisville Aviation and is now a captain at SkyWest Airlines. Henry received his private pilot certificate at Louisville Aviation during his senior year at Saint Xavier High School. He then brought his studies and love for aviation to Southern Illinois University where he acquired the rest of his certificates and ratings.

Evan Wetsch

Evan WetschEvan is a Louisville native, who from an early age was introduced to flying by his father, a UPS 757 Captain. He received his Private Pilot license from Louisville Aviation while attending the University of Kentucky. After graduating with a Computer Science degree, he pursued his aviation passion and received many certifications and continues to further his aviation knowledge. As a CFI, Evan is determined to share his knowledge and love of aviation to his students.

Amos Igwe

Amos IgweBorn and raised in Louisville, Amos is a graduate of Trinity High School & the University of Louisville. His journey in aviation started with an introductory flight at Louisville Aviation. Since then, he has decided to pursue aviation as a career. Amos is the first in his family to become a pilot. Now currently a CFI/CFI-I/MEI, Amos wants to help develop a new generation of pilots to become safe & efficient operators. While also making sure they have a good time doing so!

Brian Reifert

Brian ReifertBrian is a local DuPont Manual grad who grew up spending weekends at Bowman field and making the annual pilgrimage to Oshkosh with his family. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, he began a career in IT that landed him downtown under the flight path of UPS jets – and found his eyes looking outside and his dreams shifting skyward. Brian took his first flight lesson at Louisville Aviation in 2017, and since then has pursued his passion earning his certificates and ratings; as a CFI, he enjoys sharing the joy of aviation, mentoring his students, and helping their dreams take flight.

Nathan McMullan

Nathan McMullanA Louisville native and Trinity graduate, Nathan is the first in his family to become a pilot. He started his journey with a discovery flight in 2017 and hasn’t looked back since. In 2017 Nathan moved to Richmond, Kentucky to pursue a 4 year college degree in Professional Flight at Eastern Kentucky University. In 2020 Nathan was able to graduate from Eastern Kentucky University and devote all of his time as a CFI teaching new aspiring pilots and sharing his passion for aviation.

Mary Williams

Mary WilliamsMary grew up in Kansas loving aviation. After teaching overseas for a few years she returned to the US and began her aviation career in December 2019 at Louisville Aviation. After her first discovery flight, she fell in love with aviation and dropped everything to pursue flying. She now enjoys being able to share her experiences with a growing family of pilots and friends. Mary hopes to share her love of flying with others and hopes to open their eyes to a new beautiful world in the skies. Her passion is to produce safe pilots and to open the door to the many experiences aviation has to offer.

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