Our flight training is accomplished one-on-one with one of our certified flight instructors using our syllabus that has been created for our students by our staff and the FAA. We use the ASA products in our kit as well as FAA print materials. All of our student kits are supplemented with an ASA Private Pilot Virtual Course that will prepare you for your flight training, your written examination and your practical examination. This DVD course has proven to be a perfect supplement to the one-on-one teaching with our instructor base.

There is no formal ground school to attend and you are not required to fly on a strict schedule. All flying is accomplished on a schedule that you and your instructor will set up to meet your scheduling needs and desires. Your instructor will meet with you before and after each flight to discuss the current flight and your previous study assignments. During the post-flight debrief, your instructor will discuss the flight just completed and assign study subjects for the next lesson. Our experience has shown that this format is very effective because it gives our students the flexibility to schedule the lessons at a time that is most convenient for them. Louisville Aviation is an authorized Sennheiser Headset dealer and an authorized David Clark Headset dealer so we can outfit our new students in entry level headsets or active noise reduction headsets with cell-phone and MP3 input capabilities. We demo these headsets for the first few lessons in order to allow the students to confirm their commitment to flight training prior to making this initial purchase.

If you are looking for a career change or to enter into the professional pilot industry, Louisville Aviation is without question the best flight school in Kentucky to accomplish this.  Not only do I fly for a major international airline, four of our part-time instructors are currently regional airline pilots.  Because of these relationships in the airline industry, we were able to help eight of our instructors obtain jobs in the regional airline industry over the last two years.  Five of them went to the same regional and have represented us very well thus creating a sort of pipeline to this regional airline.  If you goal is to become a military pilot, you have also found the right home at Louisville Aviation.  At my airline I fly with liaisons from all of the service academies and we have several active officers in the cockpit that know which units are hiring and the person to contact.  You will not find this airline or military networking opportunity or training preparation with any other flight school in Louisville!

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