Airline Pilot Career Program

Zero flight experience to Airline Pilot in approximately two years

Louisville Aviation has the staff and equipment to help you reach the cockpit of the airlines.

Our students with zero time normally obtain their ratings and experience in a little over two years and then move on to the regional airlines.


  • Pilot certification through Commercial, CFI and up to ATP (Private, Instrument, Commercial, Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI – instrument and single)
  • Self-pace program to meet your goals
  • Flight instruction opportunities upon obtaining the instructor rating
  • Pilot Recruiting Events and direct contact to HR at several regional airlines

Our program is a pay as you go program so there are no set requirements and training gates that send you to a checkride before you are prepared like other programs.  Some programs will send you for a checkride knowing you are not prepared because that is how their programs are set up.  This costs more money, time and a failure in your training history.  We don’t send our students for their checkride until we know they are well prepared.  Our experience has shown that most of our students that have started from zero flying experience all the way through their instrument rating and commercial license have accomplished this for under $50,000.

Louisville Aviation’s owner is a major airline captain.  Additionally, one of the designated pilot examiners (DPE) in our area is also a pilot for a major airline so we have all of the connections needed to start from zero time and get your to the airlines!

Feel free to contact us for more information and we’ll be happy to help.

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