Before introducing our fleet, we would like to provide a brief overview of our aircraft maintenance and care programs that help separate us from other flight schools. First and foremost, our aircraft are all kept in individual hangars thus keeping them out of the elements. We also do routine oil changes at intervals at twice the recommended rate and we send oil from every oil change to an oil analysis company in order to remain active in a trend monitoring program of all of our engines. This oil analysis will keep us up to speed on the current, past and hopefully the future condition of our engines. Additionally, we use an FAA-approved oil additive called AvBlend to make sure that our engines are lubricated with the best oil and additives available in the market. Lastly, all of our engines have heaters installed on them and are plugged-in during the winter months to provide the pilot with immediate heat upon startup and to keep the engine lubricated with warm oil immediately during the colder months. As you can see, our mechanic goes above and beyond to make sure that our aircraft are the best maintained in the aircraft rental industry!

Our rental aircraft are all rented at a wet rental rate which means that fuel is included in the rental rate. We also require each of our renters to clean the windscreen and the leading edges of the wings when they return after each flight so the next renter also has a nice, clean aircraft to fly. Please contact us for current hourly rates.

Please download and complete our Rental Agreement. All students and renters must have an up-to-date Rental Agreement on file.


2021 Cessna 172S G1000 Top Hawk



1965 BELL 47G-2A-1




2006 Cessna T182T Skylane G1000



2004 Cessna 172




2001 Cessna 172S



1999 Cessna 172S




1999 Cessna 172S



1998 Cessna 172R




1974 Cessna 172N



1969 Piper Aztec




RedBird LD Simulator – $68/hr

RedBird LD Simulator

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