Does Louisville Aviation rent aircraft?

Yes, Louisville Aviation rents aircraft to students and to certificated pilots.

What aircraft are currently available for rent?

Louisville Aviation currently operates a fleet consisting of Cessna 172s, 182s, and a Bell 47G. We also operate a twin Cessna 310R for company business.

What are the current rates for Louisville Aviation’s aircraft?

The Cessna 172s are approximately $160 per-flight-hour wet (based on current market fuel prices), meaning the fuel is included, plus applicable taxes. A block purchase discount is available as well as a UPS employee discount.

Can I rent your aircraft and fly with my own instructor?

Absolutely. You may rent our aircraft with your own instructor after your instructor satisfactorily completes an aircraft checkout and supplies us with a completed rental agreement.

Is renter’s (non-owned aircraft insurance) insurance required?

No. Louisville Aviation strongly encourages its customers to have non-owned aircraft insurance. The rental agreement stipulates that in the event of damage, the renter is responsible for paying the deductible and any aircraft loss-of-use revenue which would be covered under a non-owned policy. Renter’s insurance is not required but is highly recommended. We offer renter’s insurance through AIG/Chartis, Starr Aviation, and Avemco. We will be happy to help you obtain a non-owned policy to meet your needs whether you rent with us or with someone else.

Do we offer renter’s insurance?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of non-owned (renter’s) policies from AIG/Chartis, Global Aviation, QBE, and Avemco. We can obtain a policy for you even if you don’t operate our aircraft. Email us for a quote.

What do I have to do to rent a Louisville Aviation aircraft?

The basic requirements are simple. The standard checkout consists of a systems review of the aircraft, a local airspace review, and an aircraft flight checkout. The aircraft flight checkout takes approximately one hour with an approved Louisville Aviation instructor. In addition to takeoffs, landings, and airwork, the aircraft checkout includes an orientation with the local Louisville Bowman and Muhammad Ali International airspace. We will also ask you to sign a Louisville Aviation rental agreement and pilot information form and we will make copies of your pilot and medical certificates. Once the checkout is completed, we will enter your name and qualifications into our computer database, which enables us to dispatch the aircraft to you. We will also assign you a username and password for our on-line aircraft scheduling tool.

How do I schedule Louisville Aviation’s aircraft?

Simple. We will assign a username and password for our online scheduling service – Flight Circle – after receiving a completed rental agreement.

Can I take Louisville Aviation’s aircraft overnight or for several days?

Yes. Aircraft are available for overnight trips. Due to the current high amount of reservations, overnight rental of Cessna 172s is limited.

Is there a minimum charge for taking a Louisville Aviation aircraft for several days?

At the current time there is no charge for overnight trips. We will consider each overnight trip and multiple-day requests on a case-by-case basis.

What are Louisville Aviation’s currency requirements for aircraft rental?

Louisville Aviation takes flight safety very seriously. In order to dispatch an aircraft, the standard Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) for three takeoffs and landings in the last 90 days, in an aircraft of the same category and class as the aircraft to be rented. You do not have to have made the three takeoffs and landings in a Louisville Aviation aircraft, but if you have not flown with us in the previous 90 days, we will ask to see logbook evidence of the required takeoffs and landings before we can dispatch the aircraft to you.


Where is Louisville Aviation located?

Louisville Aviation is located at Bowman Field in Louisville, Kentucky. We operate out of the Louisville Executive Aviation building in the middle of the airport near the control tower. Our main entrance is under the blue awning on the left side of the building as seen from the parking lot.

Does Louisville Aviation offer financing for flight training?

Yes, Louisville Aviation uses Kentucky Telco Federal Credit Union for local financing and we also participate in a program with for all of our flight training financing needs.

What aircraft are used for primary flight training?

Louisville Aviation uses Cessna 172s equipped with four-place intercoms and a moving-map, color GPS for our primary training.

What does a single lesson cost?

That depends on several variables. The aircraft is approximately $160 per hour wet (fuel included, based on current market fuel prices) plus applicable taxes and the instructors charge $35.00 per flight hour, so you can plan on approximately $200 per hour.

What are the current rates to rent a Louisville Aviation aircraft for flight training?

For primary training, our Cessna 172s are approximately $160 per hour, fuel included plus applicable taxes (price based on current market fuel prices). If a non-refundable block of 10 hours is pre-purchased, a discount is applied. We also offer UPS employees a discount.

What will it cost to obtain a private pilot’s license?

We estimate that a private pilot’s license will cost between $9,000.00 and $10,000.00 USD. This depends on several variables but this has been our average price.

Do I have to pay for the entire license upfront?

No. This is the most common question at Louisville Aviation. Flight training with Louisville Aviation is a pay-as-you-go program. Payment is due at the completion of each flight, no advanced payment is required.

Does Louisville Aviation accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept Visa and MasterCard for flight time block purchases, student kits, headset sales, and Internet sales.

How long will it take me to obtain my private pilot’s license?

That depends. If you can fly one or two times a week, you can obtain your license in minimal time. The average is about six months. We have had students complete their license in as short as 32 days and as long as two and a half years. It all depends on your schedule, weather, maintenance, and how willing you are to accomplish the tasks required by your instructor.

How old do I have to be to begin flight training? Fly an aircraft solo? Obtain my license?

There is no age requirement for starting flight training. We have had kids as young as 12-years-of-age that have begun flight training with us. You must be 16-years-of-age to fly an aircraft solo (with no instructor). You must be 17 years of age to obtain your private pilot’s license.

What are the requirements to obtain a pilot’s license?

The minimum requirements are 40 hours of flying time, a written exam, and a practical exam. The practical exam consists of an oral exam and a flight test with the FAA or a designated examiner. The flight requirements are broken down into 20 hours minimum dual with an instructor and 20 hours minimum solo flight time.

Do I have to attend classroom training to obtain my license?

No. Our flight training is accomplished one-on-one with your instructor so no classroom training is required. You will complete all of your required training with your instructor before and after each flight.

Do I have to fly on a routine basis and adhere to a certain schedule?

No. You can fly solely on your own schedule and availability. If you would like to fly once a week or once a month, scheduling is completely up to you. Our experience is that the more consistent your schedule, the less time it will take and the less it will cost.

Does Louisville Aviation have the study materials and pilot supplies available to supplement my training?

Yes. We have created a kit for our students that has resulted in positive feedback from the FAA and designated examiners in the area. We use ASA Kits and study materials for all of our students. We keep these kits in stock and available for all of our students and Internet sales. We also stock Sennheiser and David Clark aviation headsets at a discounted rate to our students.

How do I find a suitable flight instructor to teach me how to fly?

We will match you up with one of our instructors that is best suited to meet your goals and meet your schedule and availability.

Can I learn to fly in Louisville Aviation’s aircraft with my own flight instructor?

Absolutely. You may rent our aircraft with your own instructor after your instructor satisfactory completes an aircraft checkout and completed the rental agreement and information forms.

How do I schedule Louisville Aviation’s aircraft?

Louisville Aviation schedules all of our aircraft online with Flight Circle. Upon completion of your first few flights, you will be issued a username and password for the site.

Who does the maintenance on Louisville Aviation’s aircraft?

Our aircraft are owned and maintained by an airline pilot and FAA-certified A&P mechanics. All of our maintenance is completed per the Federal Aviation Regulations and in accordance with the aircraft manufacturer’s requirements by our mechanics. We don’t accept an aircraft in any condition other than the way we would like to fly it ourselves. Our maintenance is the best in the industry. Our aircraft have engine heaters installed and are plugged in during the winter months and we change our oil more often than required and send an oil sample to a company for analysis of each change. No one at Bowman Field has rental aircraft that are maintained as well as our fleet.

Does Louisville Aviation honor the Be-A-Pilot introductory flight $99.00 certificate?

Yes. The flight consists of a 20-minute local flight however we encourage doing a one-hour flight as it’s more effective for the student. On a 20-minute flight, it’s possible to spend 10 minutes of this time on the ground waiting for a takeoff slot at Bowman Field. A one-hour flight is actually a full lesson and is more beneficial at showing what will occur during a normal lesson.

What is the next step to get started?

If you have decided to start flying or would like to take an introductory flight, the easiest way is to email us at and we will have an instructor call you to set up a flight lesson!

Why choose Louisville Aviation over the other flight schools in the area?

We are the oldest operating flight school on Bowman Field and we take pride in our students, their success rates, and our aircraft. Louisville Aviation is owned and operated by an airline pilot. We have the best experience available to anyone choosing flying for a hobby or a career. We have access to an entire group of airline and military pilots. These pilots, their backgrounds, and experiences serve as invaluable resources stemming from corporate and regional aviation to fighter pilots and the United States Air Force and Naval Academy graduates. We store our aircraft indoors and we plug their engine heaters in the winter months to have them warm for our renters and to prolong engine life. We feel we are the most affordable flight school offering the best product in the Louisville area. We have an arrangement with a regional airline and we sent five of our instructors there for interviews last year and four were hired. No one else has a direct link to the regional airlines as we do. The fact that we have excelled for over 20 continuous years and have the newest fleet in the area speaks volumes for our reputation and desire to see the student succeed. We are truly about having fun in flying and fun at Bowman Field!

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